Waverley Country Club
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Hole: 8 Lone Pine

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Black 603 5 1
Blue 568 5 1
White- Mens 536 5 1
Women's Rating 536 5 1
Green - Mens 463 5 1
Women's Rating 463 5 1


Architects Notes by Gil Hanse
This tee shot will be immensely more challenging with the psychological hazard presented by the cross bunkers off the tee, and the more imposing fairway bunker that muscles its way further into the golf hole. “Fore” bunkers, named for their presence in the foreground, have always been a great element of classic courses. They place a mental premium on the shot as opposed to a physical premium, and in this instance they also serve to further obscure the landing area from the tee. Trust in one’s line and one’s swing will be imperative off the tee. Further down the hole, the necklace of bunkers continues the theme that was started on the 3rd hole and has been restored as a recognizable element of the Waverley course. I love how these bunkers swing furthest into the approach line as you get closer to the green and they will place a real emphasis on line and distance for the second shot. The top edge of the third bunker in line has been raised to intercept the front of the green and obscure the approach much like the “fore” bunkers obscure the landing area.

The origin of the historical name “Lone Pine” recognized a majestic solitary pine that later blew down during the Columbus Day storm in 1962.

1970 USGA Men’s Amateur Championship… Lanny Wadkins evened the match when rival Tom Kite visited a sand trap and bogeyed the eighth.
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