100+ Year Legacy

Waverley is a community of members with a common dedication to a set of core values.

Generations of members have consistently honored and respected these values that define Waverley. 
Those values central to our community include...

A Welcoming Place

Waverley is synonymous with gracious hospitality.  This image is preserved and enhanced by Waverley members who make the effort to expand their circle of friends and welcome visitors to our Club.

Honoring the Game of Golf

Waverley exists because of golf.  This honorable game teaches and instills valuable life lessons. Members are expected to observe the rules of golf and to practice golf course etiquette.

Appreciating Waverley's History and Tradition

A common theme among America’s finest golf and country clubs is member knowledge of the institution’s history and the respect shown for their traditions.  Waverley’s rich history is visible in displays throughout the Club. Members have the ongoing responsibility to record and honor the history and traditions of our Club.

Keeping Waverley Relevant

Member needs and desires will predictably change over time.  Services, activities and facilities provided by the Club will adapt to these changes to ensure member satisfaction.

Committing to Stewardship

Waverley is the outstanding club it is today because of the care and commitment of its members for over 100 years. By dedicating ourselves to leaving Waverley better than we found it, future members are ensured they too will enjoy the facilities and valued traditions.

Participating in the Membership Recruitment Process

The fundamental success of Waverley comes from the quality of its membership.  This unique and selective practice requires that all members understand and participate in selecting future members.

Exhibiting Conduct Becoming of a Waverley Member

Waverley is a constant and genteel respite from the many pressures of modern society.  To maintain this desirable environment, members, their families and guests are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. The goal is to ensure that every visit to the Club should be enjoyable and free from embarrassment or discord.

Treating our Staff Respectfully

Waverley is fortunate to have a staff dedicated to members enjoying their visit to the Club. They deserve our appreciation and respect.

Valuing Diverse Opinions

At Waverley, change comes slowly.  In a club of 475 equal owners, it is understood that compromise is frequently required. 

Respecting Waverley's Rules

Waverley’s rules were designed by members to maximize the enjoyment of the facility.  Waverley members are responsible for knowing and abiding by these rules.