Waverley Country Club

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Waverley members cherish a historical impact on amateur golf and an extraordinary social impact on the lives of its member families. Golf is clearly why the Club began and continues to be its focal point of existence. Social enjoyment with opportunities for camaraderie supporting the golf experience remains the mission of the supporting campus. As you travel the half mile drive down Waverly Drive towards the clubhouse, the hustle and bustle of the outside world falls away. With the golf course on your right, you follow the drive until you enter the clubhouse campus.

With the historic Field House on your left and the clubhouse directly in front of you, it is easy to envision what golf may have been like 100 years ago. Elegant graciousness defines the feel for the structures that support the experience. Crossing into the parking lot it is impossible to not notice the expansive practice facilities. This is unusual for country clubs pre-turn of the century. As practice was not part of the game early on, large practice facilities are not usually found at historic golf facilities. For ours we have past polo players to thank for creating a polo field that today serves as one of the northwest’s finest practice facilities. Hence the distinctive name for Waverley’s Pro Shop ~ the Field House.