Waverley Country Club

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Club Policies
Smart Phones & Electronic Devices
Use of any cellular phone, smart phone, electronic tablet, or other electronic device in its non-audio mode (except for emergency or emergency alert situations) is acceptable anywhere on Waverley property. Audio usage is acceptable in the in the parking lot only. “Audio Use” includes ring tones, conversations, message alerts or any other manner of audio generation.

Smoking is not permitted in any area of the Clubhouse or Field House or within 10 feet of any entrance, exit, window, or air intake ventilation. Members smoking outdoors are asked to be courteous to those members around them, especially in the outdoor dining areas.

Suitable Attire
Members and guests must wear suitable attire when on Club property. Denim clothing of any color is not permitted on Club property. It is the members’ responsibility to inform their guests of the Club policy regarding suitable attire. Clubhouse attire must be worn on the first floor of the Clubhouse after 5:00pm except that golf attire may be worn in the Terrace Bar area. Golf attire may be worn on the first floor of the Clubhouse before 5:00pm and in other areas of the Clubhouse at any time. No hats may be worn in the clubhouse except formal hats and visors for women. Hats and visors must be removed in the Clubhouse, with the exception of formal hats worn by women.