Waverley Country Club
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Hole: 12 Bunker Hill

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Black 413 4 6
Blue 400 4 6
White- Mens 372 4 6
Women's Rating 372 4 6
Green - Mens 297 4 6
Women's Rating 297 4 6


Architects Notes by Gil Hanse
The long lost Bunker Hill has been restored, and this blind tee shot has renewed interest. While these bunkers are primarily for visual interest they do offer a psychological presence, so no peeking on the tee shot! Further down the hole a set of original bunkers has been restored to temper the enthusiasm of the longer hitters at the club. Restoring “blind” bunkers to a course can often be questioned. However, we prefer to give a nod to history and character and allow golfers to figure out the proper line and distance to avoid them. I love the expansion of this subtly fierce green into the adjacent 13th tee and its “linksy” feel. Egan would be smiling at this touch.

The origin of the historical name “Bunker Hill”, which used to have bunkers on the hillside, is rumored to have been named by an irate golfer.
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