Riverfront Retreat

A Bespoke Retreat on the Willamette River

Waverley Country Club has been privileged to play the role of connector since 1896, and while we have temporarily paused club activities due to the Covid-19 crisis, we look forward to again creating moments that bring people together very soon.

In the meantime, we hope that all members of our local community are staying safe and healthy, and successfully navigating through the challenges presented by our collective circumstances. We also want to extend our sincere gratitude to all of the medical professionals, first responders and other heroes who are ensuring our safety, keeping families fed, and making what we know are significant sacrifices to continue to serve and support the people of Portland during this crisis.

No matter how apart we may feel, there is never much distance between good friends. Stay connected. See you soon. 

Bruce W. Pruitt, CCM CCE 
Chief Operating Officer 
Waverley Country Club


Waverley Country Club is a "family of friends"—a close community of like-minded people with a shared passion for golf and staying active, who love connecting with each other, and who make having fun a priority. The Willamette River is our playing partner and scenic backdrop, a source of natural inspiration and recreation for us all. Our riverfront lawn is the ideal place for casual grass-underfoot relaxation, whether it's a sunshine-dappled brunch or sunset cocktails celebrating another perfect day. Whether on the golf course or the tennis court, on the river or in the swimming pool, Waverley members know this is Portland's most casually refined yet fully engaging place to have fun, stay active and spend time...together.

Golf's Favorite Place

Golf's Favorite Place

To honor, celebrate & grow the game of golf

We are proud stewards of the game that is not only played here...it thrives here. Our members unite around a parkland style golf course renowned for its natural splendor, pristine conditions, equitable course access, exceptional practice facilities and year-round playability. As one of the first clubs in the West, significant chapters of golf's heritage have been written by Waverley, and we continue to play a foundational role promoting amateur golf in the Pacific Northwest.

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A family of friends

Waverley is a true gathering place for friends and family. Far from stuffy or standoffish, people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy friendly competition, spirited activities and events, and an atmosphere that is naturally fun and inviting. Members often say they are more social, happy and healthy at Waverley than they would have ever thought possible.

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The Waverley Way

Welcome to Waverley

And welcome home

Over a century of tradition has informed, evolved and adapted an intangible and substantial quality of life. It's the way you breathe in deeper here. The way time flies by slower here. The way you stand up straighter here. Ultimately, the Waverley experience is composed of a distinctly timeless relevance, celebrating a culture of respect and camaraderie.

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