Waverley Historic Foundation

As one of the first golf clubs in the West, significant chapters of golf's heritage have been written at Waverley, including the earliest U.S. International Golf Match, the first Oregon Amateur Golf Championship, and seven USGA Championships over the years.

The game's best ambassadors are part of our history, and revered traditions like the green jacket presentation at The Masters are said by some to have originated here.

In addition to honoring the past, we also invest heartily in golf's future, supporting generations in and around the game, from Evans Caddie Scholars to tomorrow's touring professionals, continuing our foundational role promoting amateur golf in the Pacific Northwest.

The Waverley Historic Foundation was formed to preserve the rich history and traditions of Waverley Country Club by providing resources to fund historical preservation, promote amateur golf and engage in other appropriate charitable activities. The IRS has granted 501(c)(3) status to the Foundation. Receipts for tax deductible contributions will be provided donors.  

Waverley History

In 2012, Waverley's Board of Directors authorized the creation of the Waverley Historic Foundation.

"The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable or educational purposes, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986m as amended, including without limitation to preserve and exhibit golf history and artifacts, to promote amateur golf and to provide education and support for applicable charitable and educational purposes."

Oregon Articles of Incorporation | Waverley Historic Foundation

Waverley & the Evans Scholars Program

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Waverley Country Club has long been a strong supporter of the Evans Scholars Program (see description below).  Waverley has more Evans Alumni (62) than any other club in the Pacific Northwest and currently has several scholarship winners attending Oregon universities:

  • Simon Abraha - University of Oregon 
  • Alaina Sharp - University of Oregon
  • Aubrey Jayne - University of Oregon
  • Micah Gamlen - University of Oregon
  • Thomas Guthrie - University of Oregon
  • Max Fabryck - University of Oregon
  • Kiana Coburn - University of Oregon
  • Marina Daniels - University of Oregon
  • Andrew Daniels - University of Oregon 
  • Del De Angelis - University of Oregon 
  • Nicole Dolin - University of Oregon
  • Helen Daniels - University of Oregon
  • Megan Guthrie - University of Oregon 
  • Matthew Parker - University of Oregon 
  • Alison Olson - University of Oregon
  • Michael Gritzmacher - Oregon State University
  • Jacquelyn Ritacco - University of Oregon
  • Cooper Roberts - Oregon State University
  • William Tooze - University of Oregon
  • Copeland Downs - University of Oregon
  • Richard Gorham - University of Oregon 
  • Michael Gorham - University of Oregon
  • Thomas Hallquist - University of Oregon
  • Nye Sherwood - University of Oregon
  • Jonathan Nelson - University of Oregon
  • Victor Stelter - Oregon State University
  • Darren Gusdorf - University of Oregon
  • Cory Isom - University of Oregon
  • Todd McKee - University of Oregon
  • Erik Morgansen - University of Oregon
  • Brian Megert - University of Oregon 
  • Douglas Frank - University of Oregon 
  • Joshua May - Oregon State University 
  • Allen Bond - University of Oregon 
  • Julie Corse - Oregon State University 
  • Kevin Berry - Oregon State University 
  • Priscilla Chandler - University of Oregon 
  • Justin Berry - Oregon State University 
  • Jamison McCune - University of Oregon 
  • Jonathan Wood - University of Oregon 
  • Katherine Burr - Oregon State University
  • James Stringer - University of Oregon 
  • Charles Thorpe - University of Oregon 
  • Joseph Troychak - University of Oregon 
  • Mark Hallquist - University of Oregon 
  • Anthony Hnauska - University of Oregon 
  • Tony Clifford - University of Oregon 
  • Jeffrey Johnson - University of Oregon 
  • Chris Kokich - University of Oregon 
  • Michael Troychak - University of Oregon 
  • Frank Oreste - University of Oregon 
  • Douglas Kienzle - University of Oregon 
  • Dan Friedhoff - University of Oregon 
  • Philip Bostwick - University of Oregon 
  • Thomas Simpson - Oregon State University 
  • Michael Hartwig - University of Oregon 
  • Craig Feight - Oregon State University 
  • George Bryant - Oregon State University 
  • Robert Heidt - University of Oregon 
  • Donald McConnell - University of Oregon 
  • Frederick Heidt - Oregon State University

Nationally, growth of the Program is threatened by steadily rising costs of college tuition and housing that is surpassing the rate of inflation.  At the same time the Program has received a record number of applications. To optimize their budget, the Program has built a number of Scholarship Houses throughout the country.  These facilities house the Evans Scholars while they are attending school.  Currently, there are Scholarship Houses at the following Universities:

MiamiMichiganMichigan State Minnesota
MissouriNorthern IllinoisNorthwesternOhio State

The Program has opened another Scholarship House in the Pacific Northwest.  The University of Oregon Scholarship House opened in 2016.

Waverley's Board of Directors recently transferred fundraising responsibility for this worthwhile cause to the Waverley Historic Foundation.  The Foundation desires to increase the level of funding and will pursue initiatives designed to accomplish this purpose.

The Evans Scholars Program

The Evans Scholars Program provides full tuition and housing scholarships to deserving caddies across the country.  The idea was conceived in 1929 by famed golfer Charles "Chick" Evans, who asked the Western Golf Association (WGA), located in Chicago, Illinois, to administer the program.  The first two Evans Scholars enrolled at Northwestern University in 1930.  When the funds provided by Evans were exhausted, the WGA Directors perpetuated the program by funding it through personal contributions.  By the early 1940s, the Program was growing, and this funding process proved inadequate.  That is when the WGA began to solicit funds outside the Association. 

Currently, 855 caddies are attending college on Evans Scholarships and there are more than 9,400 Evans Alumni nationwide.   All recipients are expected to live up to the high standards in scholarship and leadership and to continue the tradition of excellence for which the program is known.  The Program's funding comes from contributions made by more than 100,000 donors across the country.  Total cumulative contributions has surpassed $50 million.  In addition, the Evans Scholarship program is the sole beneficiary of the annual BMW Championship, the third of four events in the PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedEx Cup.  This event has contributed nearly $50 million to the Program since its inception.

The affairs of the Foundation are managed by an independent Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors, at its discretion, may appoint Advisory Boards of one or more persons to provide advice and assistance to the Board.

Board of Directors

Bill Reilly, Jr., Chairman of the Board
Fred Buckman, Sr., Vice Chairman
Denise Molendyk, Secretary | Treasurer


Clarke Leaverton
Todd Melrose
Jim Morse

Advisory Board

Tim Boyle
Gil Hanse
Peter Jacobsen
Scott Julien

Waverley Historic Foundation
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