Waverley is the outstanding club it is today because of the care and commitment of its members for over 100 years.  By dedicating ourselves to leaving Waverley better than we found it, future members are ensured they too will enjoy the facilities and valued traditions. 

Waverley Country Club enjoys the distinction as the premiere private country club in the Pacific Northwest.  Located on 138 acres, the Club is situated alongside the banks of the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.  Established in 1896, Waverley Country Club’s mission is to continue to be one of the finest private family country clubs in the United States, with a primary emphasis on meeting the desires of its members, their families and their personal guests.

Waverley members take pride in its heritage and strongly reaffirm the objectives and traditions of our founders:

To provide a refuge from the outside world, where good manners, a high moral code, personal integrity, etiquette and mutual respect inherent in our members; where rules are seldom invoked because common sense, common courtesy, and allegiance to the principles of our heritage govern member behavior; and, where members, their families and their guests can relax and enjoy golf, recreation, extraordinary social and dining opportunities, and the compatibility of other members and member families.

Denim clothing of color  (with exception of white) is not permitted on Club property.  Golf attire may be worn on the first floor of the Clubhouse before 5:00pm and in other areas of the Clubhouse at any time.  After 5:00pm dress is "clubhouse attire" on the main level of the clubhouse.   

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

Cellular Phones / Personal Information Devices (PID's)

Use of any cellular phone, smart phone, electronic tablet, or other electronic device in its non-audio mode (except for emergency or emergency alert situations) is acceptable anywhere on Waverley property. Audio usage is acceptable in the in the parking lot only. "Use" includes ring tones, conversations, message alerts or any other manner of audio generation.


Smoking is not permitted in any area of the clubhouse or field house or their entrances. Members smoking outdoors are asked to be courteous to those members around them, especially in the outdoor dining areas


Waverley is a non-tipping Club. Gratuities are only encouraged for caddies as these young ladies and gentlemen are not employees of the Club and do not receive any of the benefits of being a full time employee.