Waverley Country Club
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Hole: 6 Trap

Tees   Yardage Par H/C
Black 177 3 15
Blue 157 3 15
White- Mens 136 3 15
Women's Rating 136 3 15
Green - Mens 127 3 15
Women's Rating 127 3 15


Architects Notes by Gil Hanse
In the arrangement of golf holes, scale is an often overlooked virtue. In the original design of this hole, the scale of the short grass matched the scale of the amphitheatre setting for the green. The restoration of this element of scale provides a fitting introduction to the par 3 holes at Waverley. As a group, these holes are enjoying a dramatic renaissance during this restoration on this hole in part the renewed left hand hole locations and the varied options for recovery in the surrounds will make this not only a more exciting hole to look at but an exciting hole to play as well.

The origin of the historical name “Trap” is somewhat self-explanatory due to the treacherous bunkers protecting the 6th green.
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