About Us

Waverley is synonymous with gracious hospitality.  This image is preserved and enhanced by Waverley members who make the effort to expand their circle of friends and welcome visitors to our Club.

Welcome to Waverley Country Club.  It is a very welcoming place… and not by chance.  It is part of our culture. Looking at Waverley from the outside in, it is easy to form various opinions.  What you will discover is that to know Waverley is to love Waverley.

So what can you expect to find when visiting us?  You will definitely find many words of kind greeting.  A community of people who are glad to have you visit and to be a part of our Club, if even for a short time.  You will also find a staff that is dedicated to each other and to exemplary service of our members, their families and their guests.  And last but not least, a facility that supports our continuous quest for elegant excellence, camaraderie and golf.